Impact of Lightroom's import function on RAW files



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    Thomas Fitzgerald

    No. Raw files are never touched. The only changes lightroom makes is to metadata which in the case of RAF files are stored as separate xmp files. So any changes made in Lightroom are non destructive and don't change the raw files in any way.

    So importing into Lightroom first has no affect on the raw file. You can't really change a raw file in any software. The only things that some applications let you do is change the date and embed certain metadata, but baring some hacking tools, raw files can't be changed. Does that make sense?

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    Ian Stafford

    Would it be correct in stating that it doesn't have any effect if you're importing 'RAF' files only and not importing as DNG?

    I plan to use Iridient to convert my RAF files to DNG (using your very useful guide) and save in a folder on the desktop, then import them into lightroom as 'move' or 'copy' with file name changing so it fits into my current workflow etc. From there, develop as normal. I plan to keep the original RAF files stored elsewhere.

    Does this sound ok Thomas?

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