Using LUTS in Premiere Pro CC 2018




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    Brendan Kittredge

    This doesn't seem to work on CC2018. It did on CC2017, but they won't show up in CC2018. They're in my folder, but don't show in PP. 

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    Ryan Landry

    It seems that this needs to be updated a bit. In terms of navigating a Mac, there is no longer a way to "Navigate" to a "Library" window in the Finder.

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    Thomas Fitzgerald

    Hi Ryan. Thank you for the feedback. 

    The instructions here are correct. The location above is the system "Library" folder, not the user Library folder which can be navigated to in the finder by going to the root of your system hard drive. This can be done in the finder without any extra steps or without any issues.

    You can also get to it by using the Go to folder command in Go menu of the Finder and copying and pasting the address above into the location field.

    Finally, although this is not relevant for this command, for your own benefit, you can easily navigate to the user Library folder by going to the GO menu and holding down the option key. When you hold down the option key in this menu the "Library" options should appear and selecting this will bring you to the library.

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    Ryan Putranto

    For Windows I found it in my user/appdata(hidden file)/roaming/adobe/common/LUTs

    Inserting your LUT here will include it for all programs (AE, PP, Encoder)

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