If you encounter any problems or experience any unusual behaviour with the store please let us know by sending a message.


Current Average Support Turnaround Time:

Up to 24 Hours (usually 12)


Current Status: Store Operating Normally



Previous Issues


Previous Issues with existing downloads due to the new server resolved (I hope). If you're still experiencing problems please let us know

New Server Transition

I am currently in the process of moving the store to a new hosting provider and a new server is currently in the testing process. There may be some downtime and some unusual behaviour while this is going on. 

Current Status of Transition: Transfer in Progress. The new hosting site is setup and the process of moving the domain over is currently is complete. The store is now back online. If you notice any problems please use the "submit a ticket" link above to let us know.


Minor Pay Pal Issues

We are currently experiencing a very sporadic issue where PayPal transactions are not completed. We are investigating. See this article for more details, and a workaround if you're having issues.

We will be moving to a new platform in January which will resolve the issues

Status: Ongoing


Christmas Hours

I hope you all enjoy a very peaceful Christmas and a happy new year. Over this festive season, I will be taking some time off, and so my customer support answering hours will be reduced. While you can still send support requests, I will not be available to answer support requests on the 25th and 26th of December and also the 1st of January. I will respond to queries as soon as possible after that time.

In January I will be making the move to a new store platform and you can read all about the upcoming changes here.

September 30th, 2016: Issue Reported

An issue with our store server was reported which prevented downloads and purchases being completed on the store. This was found to be caused by a corrupt Wordpress file following a scheduled update. The issue has now been resolved. 

Status: Resolved


August 2016: Issue With PayPal

An ongoing issue with PayPal has prevented some transactions from being completed. The issue was found to be related to the way PayPal's servers interacted with our store server. 

This issue has now been resolved. We are now using a better PAyPal gateway, and the issues appear to have been resolved 

Status: Resolved

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