About VAT, Pricing and the Store

As all the products in my store are Digital Downloads, they fall under the EU law governing that VAT is charged based on the location of the person making the purchase. EU rules also say that the pricing must include VAT. As a result, the prices displayed on the store will change depending on the country you are currently in and the vat rate of that Country.

If you are currently in an EU country that is not your normal country of residence, and your billing address is in a different country, the correct VAT rate will be displayed at the checkout when you enter your billing details. You will also have to check the checkbox confirming that this is your normal address. This is to comply with EU rules.

If your are outside the EU the price will update to reflect the correct price without VAT for your region, and you will not be charged VAT.

If you have any questions please submit a support request.

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